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    Texas Instruments
    IC QUAD OP-AMP, 15000 uV OFFSET-MAX, 3 MHz BAND WIDTH, PDSO14, PLASTIC, MS-012AB, SOIC-14, Operational Amplifier more


    Texas Instruments
    IC 1-CHANNEL POWER SUPPLY SUPPORT CKT, PDSO5, PLASTIC, SOT-23, 5 PIN, Power Management Circuit more


    Texas Instruments
    2.7-4V Dual In/Single Out MOSFET, 0.5A Main/0.1A Aux Input, Act-High Enable, Comm. Temp. 5-SOT-23 -40 to 70 more


    Texas Instruments
    IC 2-CHANNEL POWER SUPPLY SUPPORT CKT, PDSO8, PLASTIC, SOIC-8, Power Management Circuit more
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