LT1339 - High Power SynchronousDC/DC Controller

    Linear Technology
    The LT®1339 is a high power synchronous current mode switching regulator controller. The IC drives dual N-channel MOSFETs to create a single IC solution for high power DC/DC converters in applications up to 60V<p>The LT1339 incorporates programmable average current limiting, allowing accurate limiting of DC load current independent of inductor ripple current. The IC also incorporates user-adjustable slope compensation for minimization of magnetics at duty cycles up to 90%. more
    Parts: LT1339CSW#TR, LT1339CSW#TRPBF, LT1339IN, LT1339CSW#PBF, LT1339ISW#PBF, LT1339CN, LT1339ISW#TRPBF, LT1339CSW, LT1339CN#PBF, LT1339IN#PBF, LT1339ISW, LT1339ISW#TRmore

    Linear Technology LT1676 Series Datasheet

    Linear Technology
    No description
    Parts: LT1776N, LT1680N, LT1074K, LT1676N, LT1339N, LT1776S, LT1680SW, LT1676S, LT1339SW, LT1074Tmore
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