LT1796 - Overvoltage Fault Protected CAN Transceiver

    Linear Technology
    The LT™1796 CAN transceiver provides built-in fault tolerance to survive in industrial and automotive environments. Discrete protection devices are not needed. Bus interface pins can withstand voltage faults up to fi60V with respect to ground with no damage to the device. Faults may occur while the transceiver is active, shut down or powered off. On-chip ESD protection withstands up to fi15kV air discharges and fi8kV contact mode discharges tested per IEC-1000-4-2. Loss of power or ground connections does not damage the IC. <p>The circuit operates with data rates up to 125kbaud. A slew control pin allows control of transmitted data pulse edges to control EMI and reflection problems on imperfectly terminated lines. High output current drive allows the use of inexpensive PVC cable with impedance as low as 72Ohm. The 100kOhm input impedance allows up to 256 transceivers per data network. <p>The LT1796 is available in 8-lead PDIP and SO packages. more
    Parts: LT1796CS8, LT1796CS8#TRPBF, LT1796CN8#PBF, LT1796, LT1796CS8#PBF, LT1796IS8#TRPBF, LT1796CN8, LT1796IS8#PBF, LT1796IN8, LT1796IS8, LT1796IN8#PBF, LT1796CS8#TR, LT1796IS8#TRmore

    Linear Technology Datasheet: 1796

    Datasheet for parts: LT1796, LT1796CS8#TR, LT1796CS8#TRPBF, LT1796IS8#TR, LT1796IS8#TRPBF, LT1796CN8, LT1796CS8, LT1796IN8, LT1796IS8, LT1796IS8#PBF, LT1796CN8#PBF, LT1796CS8#PBF, LT1796IN8#PBF more

    Linear Technology Datasheet: LT1796

    Datasheet for parts: LT1796, LT1796CN8, LT1796CS8, LT1796IN8, LT1796IS8, LT1796IS8#PBF more
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